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Making Sales With ONE Email Marketing Campaign - Hillary's Story
Episode 20313th September 2023 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Our awesome client Hillary-Marie recently made $16,000 worth of sales with an email marketing campaign she implemented from being part of our membership The League. And you know what's even better? She copied and pasted that campaign, ran it again for a different segment of her list, and made another $16,000!

Want to find out Hillary-Marie's success story?


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(4:25) Who is League member Hillary-Marie?

(7:14) When did email marketing become a part of Hillary-Marie's business?

(9:55) What did Hillary-Marie's email marketing look like before she joined The League?

(13:47) What was the first change Hillary-Marie implemented when she joined The League?

(17:59) What results did Hillary-Marie experience in her business?

(22:55) What ONE action had the most impact on Hillary-Marie's email marketing?

(24:21) What's next for Hillary-Marie and in her business and email marketing?

(26:31) Subject line of the week.

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Who is League member Hillary-Marie?

Hillary-Marie (here she is on Instagram) runs a business called iTapOnline - an online tap dance school where she helps teachers and adults around the world unlock the joy of tap dance. Hillary-Marie has a membership that gives people access to all her courses and classes and also runs a certificate 10-week programme for teachers once a year. 

What Hillary-Marie sells is a super affordable B2C proposition. It can be a hobby for some people, but for the teachers who are enrolling in the certificate programme, their participation often comes from a desire to serve the needs of their students while enjoying their own tap dance journey along the way.

Hillary's students are anywhere from absolute beginners to advanced and are often people who don’t have access to a local tap class at their speed or level. So Hillary-Marie tapped (see what we did there?) into the opportunity to segment her two audiences (adult students and teachers) and serve them both simultaneously with the same exact offer.

When did email marketing become part of Hillary-Marie’s business?

Hillary-Marie started her membership in 2016, and email marketing was always a part of her journey. From the start, she used email marketing to ask people to buy from her, so she started collecting email addresses straight away. But at that time, she was only reaching out to her audience when she had something free to offer or a product she wanted people to buy. Looking back, Hillary-Marie can see that only getting in touch when she had something to sell wasn't the best approach.

About a year ago Hillary-Marie came to a crossroads in her business. As an artist and a dancer, she had always relied on social media quite heavily. But she came to the realisation that she'd either have to 'sell her soul' to social media (and spend all her time on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.) to churn out as much organic content as possible, or she could invest her time, energy, and money into email marketing instead. And not sell her soul!

Thankfully, email marketing is the route that Hillary-Marie decided to take. And she's glad she did because email has given her an opportunity to share stories in a way that feels honest and genuine, rather than just playing the game of the algorithm in social media.

What was Hillary-Marie’s biggest barrier to doing email marketing?

Hillary-Marie can see now that she tried to make email marketing more complicated than it needed to be. When she joined The League, she started sending out our daily 'snowball' emails. But (contrary to our advice to write and send the emails daily), she decided to write and schedule 30 emails at a time. That was not the easiest option. And we're all glad to report that Hillary-Marie switched to our way of thinking and now writes and sends her emails live on a daily basis.

In hindsight, she knows now that she was trying to make things more systemised and complicated than they needed to be. And while there’s definitely a place for systems, software, integration, and segmentation, she didn’t need all of that to get started.

What did Hillary-Marie’s email marketing look like before she joined The League?

Before joining The League, Hillary-Marie was following the product launch formula for her certificate programme once a year. So she'd create a lot of pre-launch content and send that out via email with multiple videos. It involved a lot of content creation that didn’t yield great results. And because this was only done once a year, there was a lot of pressure on this process – Hillary-Marie felt she couldn’t really mess this up!

Hillary-Marie also hosts a podcast, and back then she was using email marketing to ask people to check out her latest podcast episode. Or, whenever she created a free lead magnet, she’d email her list to let them know so they wouldn’t miss out on the free goodness. But she wasn't even promoting her membership - she only had a very soft ask in her emails (i.e. to head over to the podcast). Hillary-Marie felt that people on her list already knew what she did, so if they were choosing not to buy it was because they didn't want to participate. And she knows now that's not necessarily the case! 

In a nutshell, Hillary-Marie was sending out a lot of broadcasting emails and only using automation for onboarding her students. She knew about systems and automated campaigns but wasn’t using them for marketing purposes. Not yet, anyway!

Before she started working with us, Hillary-Marie was sending out emails once a week and didn’t have any real feelings about her email marketing. She just knew it wasn't successful because it wasn’t bringing in sales and results. It simply wasn't working for her. 

What was the first change Hillary-Marie implemented when she joined The League?

When she found us, Hillary-Marie started sending out daily snowball emails, but she recognises now that she overcomplicated the process unnecessarily. She decided to batch-write her emails and have someone in her team send them out. And, naturally, she got a lot of pushback on that. Because they didn’t think there was value in sending emails every day. But Hillary-Marie went ahead and put her foot down – convinced that daily emails would make a difference to her business and determined to give it a go.

And she did see a change! Not only her business didn’t go under, but she also started making more money! People didn’t unsubscribe from her list, and she didn’t start getting nasty responses from those who didn't want to hear from her. In fact, her open rate, her click rate, and her sales increased! And Hillary-Marie got to a point where she felt quite pleased with her email marketing. It’s no coincidence that she now has a strong emotional connection to it!

Thanks to the daily emails alone, Hillary-Marie was able to increase the clients signed up to her membership from 120-130 to over 250. She simply achieved this by contacting people and telling them she had something they might be interested in.

Looking back, Hillary-Marie thinks it was very ignorant of her to think that her audience would know about her products and that if they chose not to participate it was because they weren’t interested. That’s just not how it works – you can have people on your list who aren’t aware of what you have to sell. People simply aren't listening quite as much as you think they are, which is why daily emails are beneficial. 

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What results did Hillary-Marie experience in her business? 

After implementing the daily emails, Hillary-Marie started building her email engine and using our campaigns. She decided, as a priority, to focus on people who were already on her list but hadn't bought from her yet. And she did that because every year she offers 50 spots on her certification programme, and she wanted to fill the cohort. Her approach was something that unfortunately a lot of people find terrifying and shy away from - i.e. selling harder to their existing list. And that's exactly what the people on her list needed from her. 

It's great to see this principle in action with Hillary-Marie because it's exactly what we teach. Businesses build and grow over time (especially if you sell a membership), but there's something to be said about complementing that growth with big spikes in income. 

Making $16k over a few days... twice!

When she implemented our sales campaigns Hillary-Marie made $16,000 in sales over the course of a few days. And she achieved this because she wasn’t afraid of selling. She knew that the people on her list had joined it because they’d seen something they were interested in. So she thought it was time to let them know exactly what they could buy, and perhaps those who weren't interested in the membership would want to join the certification programme.

Hillary-Marie achieved these amazing results by implementing our Paparazzi flash sale campaign - a super easy one. It's relatively short with simple and not long-winded emails. Over a few days, she got a 3% conversion rate from people who had never purchased from her before.

The icing on the cake is that Hillary-Marie took that same exact campaign and duplicated it to send to her Level Two programme for previous graduates and made another $16k in sales with just some minor alterations to her emails. Isn't this mindblowing?!

What ONE action had the most impact on Hillary-Marie's email marketing?

The one action Hillary-Marie would recommend people take is to email your list to let them know what you have to offer. She adds that it's important to do that in a way where you’re curating a specific campaign and an experience via email to help them decide that what you sell is truly the best thing that's out there for them. Because otherwise they just don't know!

"Don't just send any email," Hillary-Marie says. But curate a campaign experience and put people through it in a way that’s mindful and thoughtful. So you can convert easily.

What's next for Hillary-Marie in her business and email marketing?

Because her certification programme is converting so well, Hillary-Marie wants to start launching it twice a year. In her words, she ‘eats our campaigns for breakfast’ because she’s always looking for the next campaign she can automate and add to her email engine. While she continues to dedicate herself to the automation of her email engine, doing two launches a year will be Hillary-Marie's main focus going forward. 

Does Hillary-Marie feel like email marketing has taken over her life?

While email marketing does take some time and work upfront to implement campaigns, that's an investment of a couple of hours to build an asset that can be reused in her business and that will continue to serve her for time to come. She knows she can do it once, invest the time, and then enjoy the benefits of that later. And that's a win in our eyes! 

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Subject line of the week

This week’s subject line is “When I get high…” This subject line works because there's an obvious assumption that people make when they read it. But if they know your personality (and people on our list know Rob's), they'll also know that there's got to be another meaning to those words.

So the subject line throws them off-piste a little. It's only when they read the email that they find out it was about being on a plane up in the air. It works because it generates intrigue and curiosity, so check it out! 

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Murray Welcome to your marketing show. Hello. Hello. Thank you for having me. You. Welcome Pennsylvania.

Unknown 4:27

First of all kids are gonna be asked doesn't know tell us a bit about what your business is what you do give us the intro. My name is Hilary Murray. I run a business called ITAP which is an online tap dance school where I educate tap teachers as well as

Unknown 4:39

adults in tap dance all around the world so that we can unlock the joy of tap dance.

Unknown 4:43

Sounds great, doesn't it? I just love the kind of rock Don't you love the kind of businesses we get to work with like flippin dog trainers actually, when they have an airtight elevator pitch like that. I mean, that was worth learning. So talk a little bit about the

Unknown 4:53

format of how that all works. Like what is it you deliver? How is it delivered? Sell it to us? I have a membership that gives access to all my courses and classes.

Unknown 5:01

I update that regularly and I also have a certificate programme for teachers. Okay, and and there's that the teacher programme just to just confirm,

Unknown 5:09

that's like a cohorted thing which happens live or was that they can enrol at any time. How does that work? It's a 10 week programme that

Unknown 5:15

I launched once a

Unknown 5:16

year I run it in the summer we all go together and with a graduate out together. Oh, it's lovely. One thing I want to point out about this is for the people who are idle tap dancers This is a very much like a hobby market for thing where they want to do it and all that kind of thing. And I think it's interesting. We get loads of people saying oh, you know, the thing I sell it's not like this burning need for people. It's not like curing hunger or helping people make money or anything. It's like a just a hobby thing like, like dance or something like that. But actually, I think what we're about to unpack here was you've got the side of the business that helps to tap teachers to and that is a business for them. Like some of the stuff you're not selling stuff that's a million dollars a month like your stuff is super affordable. And so that's that's good to know.

Unknown 5:47

business for? I started it in:

Unknown 6:28

nline. Love it okay. So since:

Unknown 6:37

When did like email marketing become part of

Unknown 6:40

what you do with email marketing was say that again,

Unknown 6:45

like was it for the beginning was sort of came in later, like where did it come in? I'd say email marketing was always involved. Because you got to you got to ask people to buy and that's the way it's done. So I was always collecting emails from day one. Also, I had previously worked so heavily in production so I knew the importance of contacting people via email, but I was definitely reaching out to people only when I had something free to offer them or something that I wanted them to pay me for. And you know, looking back on that, that doesn't feel so hard to only hit people up when you're like here's a free thing so I can ask you later to buy from me now will you buy my thing? So yeah, that's that's how email marketing was involved previously, and then I came across you guys because I felt it was about a year ago and I felt at a crossroads. You know, as an artist who is a dancer, social media is huge. And I felt like I had a choice. Like I could either sell my soul to social media and do the Instagram Tik Tok thing and just churn out as much organic content as I could through YouTube and Instagram, Tik Tok, whatever it was, or I had kind of convinced myself that maybe I can get away with just investing my time and energy and money into email marketing, and therefore not selling my soul. And that felt really good to me because I felt like I can tell people's stories in an email that feel honest and genuine,

Unknown 7:55

rather than just trying to play the game of the algorithm in social media. I love it. I love it. I love it. And what would you say was your biggest barrier to like switching the way you did email marketing the way you do it now? What was the

Unknown 8:07

biggest challenge what was hardest? I tried to make it more complicated than it was really me. I know. I remember when I started doing daily snowball emails, I was like, Alright, I'm gonna batch make 30 of these. schedule these out, get the ball rolling, you know, and then I was like, Oh, it is so much simpler than that. Just wake up, get it done and move about your day. So I really was trying to make things more systemized and complicated, but it really needed to be and there is a place for systems. And there is a place for software and integration and segmenting out and

Unknown 8:39

everything. But I didn't need all of that to make this shift and get started. So let's talk a bit about before you came into our world a little bit over

Unknown 8:46

a year ago, tell us what did your email marketing look like before What were you actually doing sending etc. I was doing the Product Launch Formula for my certificate programme, which would involve making you know all this pre launch content, separating it, you know, giving them all the emails and then generating these VSL and these multiple videos and all of this content. And it was a lot of work that did not yield great results. And this was a launch that I would do and this is where the certificate programmes clarify. This is a launch that I would do once a year. So every year it's like you only had one shot and you really couldn't screw it up. And if you did you were kind of just disappointed at the end and it would take so much work and you couldn't save yourself. So that was one thing that I had done. And the other thing that I had done was pretty much emailing I had a podcast I have a podcast and I was sending an email just saying hey, new podcast episode here you go check it out. Or if I created a new free lead magnet I wanted to make sure that I emailed my list who had already opted in

Unknown 9:36

for the previous thing to make sure that they didn't miss out on more of the free goodness that I was offering them. So when you had nothing

Unknown 9:43

t I started the membership in:


was simply because they knew about it and we're choosing not to participate. And that is just not true. So it sounds like it was this a lot of broadcasting type you know, hit them and send emails to do PLR product and formula various other things we're using automations anywhere in


the business what what like in terms of broadcast versus automations what was the setup there? I was using automations only for not marketing but onboarding situations with my students and things like that. So I had the knowledge of systems and automations but I hadn't pulled them into marketing purposes for the business. So


it was just here's the broadcast everybody go ahead and I got a new thing. Here you go. Um, how would you describe before before implementing the sort of the way that we do things and the way you've adapted when you're doing your email marketing by COVID You can take yourself back. How did you feel about your email marketing? Like how did it make you feel like did you feel like it was? Some people say hey, it was certainly don't put words in your mouth like was it like one of the things where it was a chore? It was exhausting or like, or was it a necessary evil or you feel like it was going really, really well? If you were doing email marketing, you were happy with it. Like


before you started taking it into sort of this new direction with us. How How did you feel about doing it? It didn't quite feel like a chore because I wasn't engaging in it. All that often. I mean, where are we talking about, you know, once a week. It didn't feel like it was successful because it wasn't yielding sales and results. So I honestly didn't have any real feeling


towards it. I just knew it wasn't working. I knew that something needed to change and that I could do something better. Okay, so you went for straight up itself with it but you were not satisfied with the results cuz you're sort


of almost like indifferent I guess to it. And suddenly your results were also in different, definitely indifferent. I didn't consider that I could have feelings about email marketing.


Let me tell you I sure do love it now. So you stumble across us. You listen to this for a while you come and join us stuff. Talk to us about what was the first change that you really made. So you get your teeth into the email marketing


bit and you're like, Alright, here's what I'm going to do first, what was that thing? It was daily snowball emails, and I remember talking to somebody on my team and I was like, alright, so you know, gonna start doing these emails. And like I said, I tried to overcomplicate it, so I was batching them having a team member, schedule them out, things like that. And I'm like, I'm gonna go ahead and do this. I'm gonna send a daily email. And this guy was like, Hillary, that is a terrible idea. And I was like, No, it's not a terrible idea. I was like, no, no, I don't see why you would think this is a good idea. And I was like, I mean, it can't be a terrible idea.


Let's just give it a go. Let's see what happens. And yeah, that was the first thing that I changed a little bit. And what sort of happened when you made that initial changes you had resistance on the team because the idea of going from doing a weekly, here's some value, here's a podcast or here's a bit of value to I'm going to email you every day. I think any sane team member who hasn't been around us for a while studied why that sort of work so well and Cena has seen the proof of it will go, don't do that. That's terrible. You can see why I would think that when you did implement it, and you got that person and you got your cell phone because at that point, you usually faced a bit of cell towers. Oh, god. Yeah. Have I just got a little bit carried away here. But you know, you put your foot down. He said, No, I'm gonna give this a shot, which is, you know, one of the qualities we love about you and working with you. What were


sort of changes that you started what was the impact that you started to see from Well, first, I'm gonna say I'm a pretty all in person. So if I'm going to do something, I'm gonna go ahead and do it all the way. And if it fails, it fails. And I'll learn a lesson and if not, no big deal. So that was kind of my justification in jumping into it. And


the change that I saw was more money and everybody was fine. Everybody was okay. Your Business didn't disappear


or implode, and actually, geez, imagine there's actually more money in the bank. Yes, the world did not implode. People didn't unsubscribe and drove they didn't get nasty emails from anybody who didn't want to hear from me. My open rate increased my click rate increased, my sales increased. I got more dollars and like I said, Now I'm at that point where I'm quite pleased


with myself and my email marketing, and now I actually have an emotional connection to it. That's funny. That is funny. So the initial thing you noticed, what was the thing you sort of notice first, so you make this change? And like, within a week, two weeks a month? Do you remember what was the first thing you're thinking? Oh, great. We're saying hi, Rosemary. Oh great, was in highly veiled Bloody hell. We're


actually just seeing dollar straight winning What do you remember remember much about the changes you saw initially? More sales more dollars? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's that's pretty much it. You know, I can I was able to see and track because you know, I love tracking and I love tracking and I love stats and data. And it's just plain and simple, more, more sales more enrollment, and I was able to, I was able to go from I want to say I did this off of snowballs alone, I was able to go from, like 120 130 members to over 250 members just by simply contacting people and telling them I had a thing that they might be interested in. Wow, imagine just by telling people what to think for sale by what I want to actually know about. I'm also gonna say yes, more sales more dollars, and that's beautiful. But it also means that I have the opportunity to share shuffles with more people and do the thing that I love doing. And looking back it was very ignorant of me to think people should know about my thing. And if they're not participating in my thing, it's simply because they're not interested




no, it's simply because people just have no idea they weren't aware of


how much you say something. People aren't listening quite as much as you think they are. Right? So you need to step that up. Okay, you're doing you're doing these broadcasts live, what we call snowball emails. They're going out you're seeing more dollars coming in. But you thought, well, I've started some magic, something that they've taught me has worked.


I'm going to take another thing What did you What did you implement next as your next steps? I went straight to the


getting to know your campaign into the overture. So I pretty much just jump straight into the email engine. Love it. I love it. I love it. Cool. So let's talk about the impact like implementing this stuff has had because a little while ago, not that long ago, but a little while ago, you ran this omit this campaign, a really, really simple campaign, which had a huge impact on your business. So when we talked about the very beginning of the episode where you basically decided I'm going to take a bunch of people who've never bought anything from me, and I'm going to try and activate them as customers. First of all, I'm interested in curious to hear why you thought that was a good idea rather than just trying to get your existing customers to spend more with you. Why did you go let's tap into these people, no pun intended. Let's tap into these people who are showing me they don't care about me that much. That's basically like going over to school to


the head. How's it going? Hey, can I be your friend? What on earth possessed you to go and do that? Well, I have a teacher certificate programme with only 50 spots and I want 50 people therefore I will sell


it to the people who have bought


for me and the people who have not I mean it's family base again, it's like lean and simple. mindset shift for a lot of people listening I think to be able to go rather than sort of shy away from the from the people you know the haters, so to speak, not that they really are but obviously being hilarious. Yeah. Clearly, rather than shy away from those people and run away, it seems like a terrifying thing to actually go well, I'll just sell a bit harder. And maybe they might buy something right but that's clearly just what they need. And I'm just gonna call out by the way, what we've talked about so far, and where I can see this conversation is going is the perfect implementation of doing email marketing, the way we teach it so that the business builds and grows over time, but also being able to do these big spikes of income so that you're going to launch this year's intake of the certification programme and suddenly, you know, your big big numbers so like we watched that you talked about the membership going from 120 members to 250 members and beyond. That's like a gradual thing over a period of months. But then at the same just from sending the debit daily emails in some campaigns, but then when you want to do a big spike of income like you've got a certificate launch


or something like that, that that piles on top of this, which is the perfect implementation of this stuff, by the way. Yeah, yeah. I love it. So okay, you decided, okay, there's people at this 50 spots I need to fill. These are my audiences. I've got people who've I've got people who've never bought for me before, and I've got people who have and I'm gonna sell to both of them lovely times. So what did you actually do to because this idea of taking people from high of bought nothing to making $16,000 in sales,


you know, a good chunk of change. What did you actually implement? What was the thing you did to make this happen? Well, the first thing that I want to say is I don't find it terrifying to sell to people who haven't purchased from me before because everybody is a person that never purchased from you before at some point in time. And they ended up on the list because there was something that I had to offer that they were interested in. And so I think everybody is a great person to sell to and there are some people who are a little bit more likely to buy it first than others, but you just never know where somebody is that maybe I was selling them a membership and that's not what they were interested in. And what they really needed was that certificate programme, so not so terrifying.


But you were asking the results that I got from reaching out to those people, correct? Yes. What did you do because you said that we got you know, $16,000 worth of sales from those people. What was it actually that


caused that we all want to learn the secret sauce about what you did? So we can all honestly just copy you? Well, the secret sauce, my friend is the paparazzi campaign. And I use this paparazzi flash sale campaign of yours, which I must say is one of the easiest campaigns that I have implemented from you. And I mean, we're talking, I don't know off the top of my head, I want to say it's either a four or five day campaign where emails total, very simple, very short, not long winded, I didn't need to sit there and figure out you know, all the stories and all the hooks. This was actually a very, very simple campaign. And over those four days, I made $16,000 off that one campaign, and that was a 3% conversion rate of people who had never purchased from me before. And then the icing on the cake is I took that same exact campaign duplicated it like right click copy paste in my email software and sent it for my


level two programme for previous graduates and then made another 16,000 So use the same one campaign made some slight alterations. There's a little bit of work but mostly copied and pasted. And I'm basically doubled your money. Yes. I mean, he was gonna do that that's absolutely missing. So if you were like for the listeners now, if you were to give them one action, apart from go use the paparazzi campaign, but apart from that, what would you say is an action someone who's thinking I could really do with a nice surge in sales I could really do with getting


email marketing in shape. What kind of action? Would you encourage somebody to go and take, I would encourage them to email their list and tell them what they have to offer them and to do it in a way where you're curating a specific campaign and an experience via email to help them to arrive at the decision of knowing that what you have to offer them truly is the best thing that's out there for them


because they just don't know. And if you don't tell them about it, they'll simply never know. I love


that. I love that. That's great. Like, yeah, just tell people within your emails. Yeah, I love it. But don't just send them any emails because I was emailing before I did Product Launch Formula and that comes not just with pre launch content and VSL but it does come with an email format that wasn't working and that wasn't converting so what you need is to properly curate that campaign experience that you're putting people through and be mindful and thoughtful about it so that it can convert easily. Very cool. I love it. So what do you are doing next, serving all these amazing top teachers who are enrolled in


my programme of course I'm so excited. What you want to do next with your email, because you're always coming back to us with


now I want to do this and I want to do that. So now what from an email perspective the programme did so well that I believe that I can grow up to now launching it twice a year. Wow. Because it's converting properly. So that's going to be one of the next things that I do. I mean, I'm always I eat these campaigns for breakfast over here. You know, I'm always going for another one and finding the way that I can automate it and add it into the email engine so I can do it once and never do it again. So that's going to be what I'm gonna focus on is hitting this


programme twice a year and just continuing to dedicate myself to the automation of my email engine limit. So I love it and do you ever feel like your email marketing has basically taken over over like all of your time and all of your life because honestly, you've got a bunch of different programmes you've got to deliver, you've got your membership, you've got the you've got the certification programme, you've got some other business interests as well. Like, you've got the whole of running a business. Do you feel like it takes like, a lot of your time some of your time?


Like how do you feel like in terms of the time it takes to invest to make this stuff happen? I'm not gonna say that it takes over my life. But I will be honest and say that it does take upfront work to properly implement something not a lot. We're talking it can be anywhere like a couple of hours, but I don't mind putting a couple of hours a few hours into something knowing that I am building an asset that I can use and reuse in my business and it will just continue to serve me so


do it once get it done. Invest your time upfront and then enjoy the benefits


of that later. I love it. I love it. Roll. Have you got any final questions for Julio, this? This has been amazing. We've seen we've talked about huge growth in income. Just a total different flip on how email marketing works. Like I said, we've seen this gradual, gradual but quick increase in in monthly month to month revenue of like I don't know big numbers are hundreds of percent rather than loads. And then obviously these big spikes of


income as well. I think it's flippin awesome. If people want to find out more about you and everything you do and tell us where do we find you.


They can head on over to ITAP or follow me on Instagram at Hilary Murray tap. I love it on the show. We're now going to go over to


Rob's subject line of the week subject line of the week. What do you have for us, Robert? This one is that the words when I get high dot dot dot like this for a few reasons, obviously it has an obvious assumption that people will make about what that email sounds like it's going to be about but if they know your personality, you know like they know mine they can't imagine me saying those words. So like that's a bit like off off piste. And then when they get in, I kind of what it's about is things about being on a plane was actually what it was about being high up in the air on a plane, this sort of that that like


sense of curiosity intention gets broken when they find out what you're actually talking about. So yeah, this week's is when I get high subject line of the week subject line of the week. Thank you Bobby t. So July of the week, let the bullying start, folks, let us go over the email about the show community on Facebook and tag Rob with a bit of Bobby tea. I just want to say the words Bobby T in that group. So folks, please go to Facebook search for the Email Marketing Show community. I just want to see a post a brand new post from loads of people just going


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Anyway, anything from a social media engagement? What can I say? I will sort of just tell you a little bit honestly. Anyway, we're back next week with a brand new episode. Please do tune in hit Subscribe on your podcast player if you haven't already, so you don't miss out


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