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#17 Mythbusting: Vegan vs. Plant-Based with Jeffrey Boadi
Episode 1723rd January 2023 • Live - Love - Learn with Catherine Edwards • Catherine Edwards
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In this episode, Catherine is joined by Jeffrey Boadi to bust myths and misconceptions around plant-based food and a vegan diet.

Episode Guest:

2017 was a major shift for Jeffrey in terms of shifting his eating pattern to one that solely prioritised plants.

Now it wasn’t all plain sailing - it was rewiring everything he knew about health and nutrition. But it wasn’t long before he started getting the hang of it and optimising it for health and performance, as well as enhancing his skills in the kitchen.

He soon got to a point where he was building a solid understanding of plant-based nutrition and it’s benefits for our physiology, and began sharing nutritious and delicious recipes on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, which began getting positive feedback from an ever-growing community.

And thus The Wealth of Health was born - a space where layers could be added to the journey he was on and show people that plant-based living is the way forward for many.

Plant-based nutrition is a true passion for Jeffrey, and he wants this space to be somewhere you can learn and leave with greater understanding of how adding more plants to your plate can benefit you - and those around you.

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Key Moments:

  • [00:27] - Introduction
  • [01:41] - Meet Jeffrey Boadi
  • [08:20] - Explaining vegan vs. plant-based
  • [10:40] - Do all vegans just eat junk food?
  • [13:53] - How do vegans get enough protein? 
  • [17:48] - But aren’t humans evolved to eat meat? 
  • [21:14] - Mythbusting milk and calcium
  • [23:40] - Are there other benefits of going plant-based besides health? 
  • [28:55] - What first steps can I take to go plant-based?
  • [31:58] - Growing your own food and cost-saving tips 
  • [36:38] - Jeffrey’s website, resources, and recipes!

Key Takeaways:

  • Being vegan is more of an ethical way of life. Plant-based is led more by health and diet. Both can be great!
  • Going vegan or plant-based doesn’t mean that all you’ll have to eat is ‘fake meat’ and processed alternatives. There are plenty of healthy, fresh ways to cook a nutritious plant-based meal. This is what we encourage.
  • There are plenty of ways to get enough protein, calcium, and other nutrients that don’t involve eating meat, eggs, or dairy. Research is your friend!
  • Jeffrey has lots of great, simple resources to help your plant-based journey start smoothly. 
  • Going plant-based or vegan can improve other aspects of your health and wellbeing and can also make you more aware of what you’re putting into your body.
  • If being vegan is important to you ethically then its important to honour that, as by not doing so you will add extra stress - so learning how to do this in a healthy way is a win:win!

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