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Using Data Visualization To Grow Your NOI With Kevin Shtofman From Cherre
27th February 2023 • Ice Cream with Investors • Matt Fore
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Data is not just a bonus nowadays, it’s a crucial factor needed in every decision-making. This applies especially to purchasing property and growing your real estate business. In this episode, we have Kevin Shtofman, global head of innovation for a data analytics platform called Cherre, to tell us how to use data visualization to grow your income! Kevin discusses how data plays a huge role when making decisions in the real estate industry. Kevin also talks about how their company, Cherre, focuses on the real estate information space and has helped clients make more informed decisions with a clean and easy-to-understand layout of important data. They’ll give you all the details you don’t even know you’ll need! Tune in now and know how to make the best out of every deal!