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Decoding Cybersecurity: Jay Kaplan on How to Protect Your Business from Cyberattacks
Episode 4220th April 2023 • Decoding Digital • AppDirect
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First and foremost, Jay Kaplan is a technical security expert. He has served in many high-profile cybersecurity roles—including at the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency. Jay was also selected as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Enterprise Technology.

After seeing a gap in the cybersecurity space, Jay started his own cybersecurity company in 2013, ultimately co-founding Synack. Synack is an organization that strives to unite technology and human intelligence to revolutionize the cybersecurity world. With this approach, Synack has developed a premier security testing platform that protects federal agencies, DoD classified assets, and a growing list of Global 2000 customers.

In today’s episode, Jay talks about the rise of ransomware and how to protect yourself and your company against it. He also discusses the evolution of cybersecurity over the last decade and how consumers can secure their accounts.

Press play to hear Jay’s thoughts on…

How people started working in the cybersecurity

"People that transitioned into the cybersecurity field generally were doing something else. They were handling infrastructure, they were system administrators, they were software developers, etc., and they just became fascinated in this subject."

The complicated nature of cybersecurity

"I think there really is no manual to have a comprehensive security strategy. It's not like you go read the Security for Dummies book and go through the pages and you're good. So it makes things very complicated.”