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In Conversation with Rebecca Carr - and her mum, Liz
Episode 614th August 2020 • Be a Better Leader • Mike Chitty
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Rebecca is part of Kaizen Arts Agency based in York. Rebecca's mum has been a nurse in the NHS for 40 years.

Kaizen say of themselves:

"We are design activists.

Everything is both learned and designed.

Dogmatic assumptions inhibit enquiry.

We are the in between.

We are an ecosystem that spans planning, measuring, mapping + acting.

We won’t stop improving things, and we won’t ask permission or apologise.

 We design space and time. We are designers of the past, and of the future.

Art asks the questions, science sets the scales, design finds the balance.

We work on continued research and practice in interdisciplinary arts + science.

You might want to work with us on some of these examples, you might not. Whatever can happen will happen.

  • we consult on strategic thinking and planning
  • we cultivate and facilitate playful and meaningful projects for people and their spaces through continued public engagement and audience development - through constant and continuous exchange of power and perspective
  • we empower organisations and communities listening to each other, and find ways we can work together to deliver lasting change with, by and for our ancestors
  • we collaborate. we are collective - we are not just one, we are also one. we don’t do IP we do sharing. Trust is our only currency, and the only form we are willing to fill in 
  • we design for distribution, inclusivity and with dynamic social purpose
  • we work within the arts and sciences to find out what stories have been told, question perspectives, and we re-write"