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Episode 6726th September 2023 • 10q Interview with Chris Hutchings • Chris Hutchings
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In this episode of 10q Interview I talk to my favourite Linkedin copywriter, the hugely entertaining, Dave Harland.

If you don't know who Dave is, I'll assume you don't visit Linkedin very often, if you do know who he is, you'll know how amusing and knowledgeable about writing he is.

It was great fun and very informative chatting to Dave, we covered a whole range of topics, including:

  • the art of self-deprecation
  • his writing roots in Scrabble & Roald Dahl
  • earning his stripes in journalism
  • the importance of finding your natural voice
  • honing his writing skills through scammer engagement
  • the ESIR method
  • public speaking
  • standing out by doing the unexpected
  • AI
  • the launch of his new agency

I think you’ll enjoy listening to this one and I reckon you’ll take a lot away from it.

You probably do already but if not, go give Dave a follow (Linkedin / Twitter), say hi and let him know what you thought of the episode.

Enjoy! 😀

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