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Exploring Education & Unschooling
Episode 3122nd April 2024 • The Wild Minds Podcast • The Outdoor Teacher
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In Episode 31, My guest Clare Caro and I get to explore if the ‘recipe of school’ is synonymous with education. Clare works as a co-director of the social enterprise Root-and-Branch Out, and with the local home-educating community. 

We dive into:

  • What is home education and Unschooling (coined by John Holt)?·        
  • Is it legal to home school, ‘educating otherwise’ in the United Kingdom?·        
  • Is the ‘school recipe’ synonymous with education?
  • How we adults also need to ‘de-school’ ourselves.·        
  • What are our values and what about going to university?
  • The use of manipulation techniques like punishment, rewards & growling!·        
  • The hidden curriculum – how adults treat children.·        
  • Growing Divergent thinkers & convergent thinkers with useful examples ·        
  • The impact of language on your survival brain
  • Our unconscious manipulation and support of ecocide·        
  • If we want to teach eco-literacy, we need to stop teaching ecocide e.g extreme use of plastic in schools.·        
  • An insight into Clare’s outdoors ‘Partnership model’.

Show Notes:

Music by Geoff Robb:

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