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The Green Room #16 - Why are driving instructors leaving the industry?
Bonus Episode6th March 2022 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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The Instructor Podcast is back and so is The Green Room!

As always with The Green Room, we dive deep into industry specific topics and this episode is no different as I'm joined by Chris Bensted of the DITC and Dan Hill of MyDriveTime. Areas we cover include:

  • The lifting of Covid restrictions
  • How the Highway code changes have impacted driving lessons
  • Driving lesson prices
  • Driving instructor product prices
  • Why are driving instructors leaving the industry
  • Driving instructor day
  • and more...

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Chris Bentsted is the co founder of the driving instructor and trainers collective and runs theory test training sessions through theory test explained.

Dan Hill created the first ever diary management app for ADI's - MyDriveTime. Dan is also a committee member of the ADINJC.

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