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296 Considering Long Covid, Research and Practice • Beau Anderson
Episode 29621st March 2023 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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The principles of Chinese medicine, with its focus on balance and harmony, have long offered effective treatment methods for respiratory disorders, by both fighting pathogenic influence and by allowing the essence of health to flow freely. Our treatment modalities are steeped in time-tested methods and in experience carried forward from one generation to the next.

Our experience of the past three years has revealed gaps in our knowledge, fractures in our social fabric and the influence of toxic social media. It’s been a pandemic that has not only affected our bodies, but our minds as well.  

In this conversation with Beau Anderson, we look at long Covid through the lenses of Western and East Asian medicine,  discuss the flexibility and adaptability of Chinese medicine for systemic disorders like long Covid, and the shortcomings of attempting to validate the ancient healing practice using modern scientific methodologies. We also explore possible ways of harnessing and positioning our medicine for the future.

Listen into this discussion on the state of long Covid research, including where we’ve been, what lies ahead of us, and the role of East Asian medicine in navigating the terrain.