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Dr. Judson Brandeis: Optimizing Men's Sexual Health
6th May 2021 • From Doctor To Patient • Dr Diva Nagula
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Dr. Judson Brandeis trained in Urology at UCLA and currently practices sexual and rejuvenative medicine for men in San Ramon, California.  He was a pioneer in Surgical Robotics, Greenlight Laser and MRI prostate biopsy.  Dr. Brandeis was the Chief of Urology at John Muir Hospital and Hill Physicians from 2012-2018, and he was voted Top Urologist in the SF Bay Area (SF Magazine) 2014-2020.  

Dr. Brandeis has appeared on The Doctors Show and dozens of Podcasts and Webcasts.  He created the SWEET (Shock Wave Erectile Enhancement Trial) Study which is the largest study of Shock Wave therapy for ED ever done.  His other clinical research studies include the SWAP Study (Shock Wave and Peyronie’s) utilizing his special Peyronie’s disease SWT protocol, the P-LONG study for minimally invasive penile elongation, the MenSella Study using HIFEM technology for improving the intensity and duration of orgasm and the SURGE study using a transdermal technology to deliver Nitric Oxide to the penis.  

BrandeisMD in Northern California is at the leading edge of male rejuvenation and sexual medicine. Among the many cutting edge technologies, we use BioTE testosterone supplementation, Emsculpt and Emsella for muscular rejuvenation, and GAINSWave therapy and PRP for sexual rejuvenation.  

Dr. Brandeis also founded AFFIRM Science which creates supplements based on the most recent scientific data (  

  • AFFIRM is a Nitric Oxide boosting supplement
  • PreLONG is for the management of Premature Ejaculation
  • SupporT is a natural Testosterone booster
  • SPUNK is to improve prostate health

Dr Brandeis attended Brown University as an undergraduate and Vanderbilt for Medical School.  He received a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Award for his year of transplantation immunology research at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Brandeis is a member in good standing of the American Urologic Association, Sexual Medicine Society of North America, and The International Society of Sexual Medicine.

  • 4:31 Dr. Brandeis's unique path towards specializing in the niche of men's sexual health.
  • 6:40 How Dr. Brandeis helps patients maximize sexual health into old age.
  • 8:45 Dr. Brandeis explains ED, libido, and male sexual decline.
  • 12:42 Dr. Brandeis's methodologies for treating ED.
  • 22:20 Dr. Brandeis on the necessity to individualize treatment plans for patients.
  • 25:11 How GAINSWave works and how Dr. Brandeis utilizes this treatment.
  • 29:00 Understanding PRP.
  • 32:49 Demystifying Stem Cell Therapy.
  • 39:26 The do's and don't's for those seeking penis enlargement.
  • 41:10 An integrative and holistic approach to male sexual health. Plus: what erectile dysfunction might indicate about a patient's cardiovascular health.

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