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My must attend short-term rental events in 2023
Episode 4010th April 2023 • Direct Booking Success Podcast • Jenn Boyles
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Have you ever been to an industry conference?

This year there are even more than ever before! And no matter where you are in the world, there will probably be one near you.

In this episode of the Direct Booking Success Podcast, I give you my list of the must attend short-term rental events in 2023. And don’t worry, one requires no travel at all!

I talk about:

  • Our sector of the hospitality industry can be a very lonely place
  • The Direct Booking Success Summit is back for its third year and is the only free marketing and hospitality educational online summit 
  • It is hard to leave businesses to travel to the various conferences in person
  • Meeting others and learning new ideas is invaluable
  • My list of the must attend short-term rental events in 2023

My list of must attend short-term rental events in 2023:

Short Stay Summit

London, UK

27 April 2023

North West Vacation Rental Professionals 2023 Annual Conference

Reno, Nevada, USA

25-27 April 2023

Short Stay Week

Barcelona, Spain

15-19 May 2023

Skift Short Term Rental Summit

New York, USA

7 June 2023 

No Vacancy Hotel and Accommodation Industry Expo 

Sydney, Australia

31 August - 1 September 2023 

The Glamping Show

Coventry, England

14-16 September 2023 

Direct Booking Success Summit


3-5 October 2023

VRMA International Conference

Orlando, Florida

22-25 October 2023 

Vacation Rental World Summit

Barcelona, Spain

3-4 November 2023






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d short-term rental events in:


th me today. in the autumn of:

and connect our sector of the hospitality industry can be a very lonely place. Hands up. How many of you work for yourself by yourself or with a small team, or even with a large team, but maybe you work remotely? I don't know about you, but I'm not sitting in an office with a bunch of coworkers every day, and I knew that there had to be others out there in the same situation.

almost 500 of people attended that first year. The feedback I got was amazing. It was such a huge buzz, even though we were connecting through a screen, we were still connecting and I didn't even have to get outta my pajamas . It was such a roaring success that I brought it back.

he next autumn. The autumn of:

property managers and owners who want to increase their direct booking. , I know it's hard to leave businesses to travel to the various conferences in person and even harder when you have children or other family members who rely on you. Plus it costs a bit of money to go as well. . This is why the Direct Booking Success Summit remains an online event.

th of October,:

month as we count down to the:

th of April,:

What is really nice about this conference is that it's three associations have joined forces to put it on. So we've got the European holiday home Associa. , the UK Short-Term Accommodation Association, and from the states, the Vacation Rental Management Association. There will be educational talks and exhibitors, hall workshops, food, and a ton of networking.

Now, Delegate tickets are 249 pounds plus vat, and you can get tickets at the shorts stay Okay, so that's their website. And I'll also put the links, any of the links I mentioned today in the show notes as well. Short stay I'll be there. So if you do come, come and say hello. I would love to see you now happening at the same time.

Vacation Rental Professionals:

They promise lots of opportunities for networking, education and reveling in our shared experiences. There will be something for everyone. Tickets start at just 599 US dollars. And can be Again, I'll put that link in the show notes. Okay. Let's move on to May. Okay. There's a bunch of stuff happening in May.

th of May,:

On the 16th, there is the book Direct Show for Europe, and the Scale rental show is on the 17th and. This week ends on the 19th with scale luxury. There's just so much in one week and you can buy individual tickets for each of the events, and they start at 49 Euros. The website to find out more is shorts Stay

d chart your path forward for:

The end of August brings us the no Vacancy Hotel and Accommodation Industry Expo in Sydney, Australia. This looks huge. The website promises two powerful days of discovering the latest innovative products, networking and learning. This is happening on the 31st of August and the 1st of September. The website to get more information is no for Australia later on in September's, the glamping show in Coventry, England, held on the 14th to the 16th of September this year.

It is the place to head to if you are in the glamping. There will be three days of live seminars along with an outdoor exhibitor's hall. I don't see any ticket prices yet, but you can go on their website to find out more. It is the glamping Now we get to October, and of course October brings us the fabulous direct Booking Success Summit, which is online, of course.

the third to the 5th of October. There is also another conference that I'd like to mention coming up. There's one that I'm really hoping to get to in person. It's the V R M A International Conference on the 22nd to the 25th of October, from which I understand it's a huge conference with people from all over the world, and this year it's going to be held in Orlando, Florida.

You can find out more information on their website at vrma dot. . And lastly, I'd like to mention the Vacation Rental World Summit, which is happening on the third and 4th of November. We're back to Barcelona for this event. It is their 10th event, and tickets are already on sale on their website at vacation rental world

Wow. That felt like a lot, and if you've hung in with me, congratulations. But there are so many more that I didn't even mention. I think that if you can make the time and you have the resources to attend a conference this year, it will be a big boost to yourself and your business. I really can't wait for the Short-Stay Summit in April and the Direct Booking Success Summit online in October.

Both will be the highlights of my year, and if I can swing getting to another in-person conference this year, I will. , these events for our sector are amazing. Meeting others who do what we do and learning about new ideas or tools that can help us to do our jobs are invaluable. I'll put all the links in the show notes, so go and check out any that might have caught your interest.

And don't forget to sign up for the Direct Booking Success Summit online today. As each month, I'll be releasing a new bonus session from one of the past years only available to those on the wait list. Head to direct booking success I can't wait to see you this year at one of our amazing event.