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How Logistics Technologies Optimize Contingency Planning and Capacity
23rd March 2021 • TEKTOK • Supply Chain Now
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The supply chain industry is certainly faced with challenges due to the ongoing pandemic and unparalleled global impact over an extended horizon. But, remember that supply chain disruptions are not new. They occur with regularity around health & safety, weather emergencies & natural disasters, trade disputes, geopolitical instability, and other business disruptions including port closures, product recalls, equipment failures, packaging issues, you name it. These disruptions are far more frequent and highlight the need for business continuity and contingency planning with logistics and supply chain technology solution that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and advanced analytics to gain agility, mitigate risks and deliver great service while increasing efficiency and controlling costs.

In this episode of TEKTOK, powered by Supply Chain Now, host Karin Bursa interviews Jim French, Chief Technology Officer, and Steve Barber, SVP of Platform with Transplace.

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