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Episode #2 Nolan O'Neal | Why every business needs a CRM?
Episode 221st May 2024 • The Queen of Automation • Meghan Donnelly
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In this episode of "The Queen of Automation," host Meghan and guest Nolan delve into the world of technology, business, and work-life integration. Nolan O'Neill, owner and co-founder of Accuxcel CPA, shares his insights into the challenges and opportunities of managing a business while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. The discussion focuses on the importance of communication in the client service experience, the role of customer relationship management (CRM) systems in streamlining operations, and the shift from transactional to relational accounting services.

Key Points:

- Work-life Integration: Nolan O'Neill emphasizes the need for work-life integration, highlighting the value of balancing work commitments with personal and family priorities.

- Client Communication: The challenge of managing client communication, particularly during busy seasons, is discussed, along with the potential benefits of a centralized system for tracking and responding to client inquiries.

- CRM Solutions: Meghan introduces the concept of CRM systems as a potential solution to streamline customer communication, facilitate two-way interaction, and automate task management.

- Business Services: Nolan explains the client-centered approach of Accuxcel CPA, focusing on ongoing support, tax planning, and outsourced accounting and CFO services for businesses.

- Personal Anecdote: Meghan shares her personal experience as a business owner and highlights the need for external expertise in financial and accounting matters.

Special Guest:

Nolan O'Neill, Owner and Co-founder, of Accuxcel CPA


LinkedIn: Nolan O'Neill




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