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3 Lessons From Sending 1 Million Emails
Episode 9812th April 2022 • Business School with Sharran Srivatsaa • Sharran Srivatsaa
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Is email marketing part of your business strategy? Do you send regular emails to your community? If not, you're wasting a huge opportunity. In this episode, Sharran shares his strategy for making email marketing your single most profitable channel. Forget about sleazy and costly marketing tactics. Just get this one thing right. Once you try Sharran's process, it gets fun when you see it work. As someone who has sent a million emails, Sharran knows that an email community is an asset that gets more profitable when you work on it every day. 

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“Who cares how pretty your email is if nobody sees it?”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00 How can you make email marketing your single most profitable asset?

01:49 The three things we will discuss today: Deliverability, Engagement, and Conversion.

02:48 Sharran discovered an idea that became the foundation of his email marketing strategy.

06:19 Lesson #1: Deliverability - Make sure your email lands in the primary inbox.

09:57 Should you include pictures in your email?

13:28 Lesson #2: Engagement - The importance of cadence and consistency in driving engagement.

16:54 Here's how an email makes its way to the inbox and what happens after.

19:06 Lesson #3: Conversion - What is your CTA? Do they click, reply, or share? 

21:18 A simple tip for structuring your email (No, it's not about making it pretty).

22:58 Two things that drive more action - Be specific or more personal.

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26:55 A quick recap of today's topic


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