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Safety View: Management involvement in safety: why, how, what & when
9th March 2021 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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Join us as Jim Loud and Phil Harris help lead our discussion about Management involvement in safety. We discuss the why, how, what & when! With hosts Rosa Carrillo and Tamara Parris.

Article by Jim Loud, What Will the Safety Profession Look Like When It Grows Up?


Jim Loud is a Safety Management Consultant, Founder of James Loud Consulting.

Mr. Loud has over 40 years of experience in a wide variety of management and Environmental Safety Health positions. Management experience includes direct responsibility for critical cororate-wide programs such as worker safety, quality assurance, nuclear safety oversight, training, independent assessment and regulatory compliance. Mr. Loud served as the corporate lead for nuclear safety oversight at the Tennessee Valley Authority and as director of the Performance Assurance Division for the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Mr. Loud is a frequent and sought after speaker at national and international conferences, webinars and university classrooms. He has authored numerous articles and papers on safety management for professional and general industry publications.


Phillip Harris is in the Nuclear Industry, Safety Management 

Phillip join the nuclear industry in 1978 as a maintenance technician working on turbines and reactor fueling components at an Advance Gas Cooled Reactor. During his 43 year association with the industry he held a number of leadership and management positions. His passion for Human Performance Improvement and Safety Culture started in 2000, since when he has become a student of Safety Management. More recently Phillip has been associated with nuclear safety culture on a couple of nuclear new build projects in the UK and the Middle East.