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S1. Ep.11 - Motivation
Episode 1110th June 2020 • It's going to be all write • NMBU Writing Centre
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Clay is back! This week Niklas and Clay look over the last eleven weeks and talk about how we stay motivated to work, study, and podcast from a home office situation.

With COVID-19 restrictions slowly being lifted in Norway, and summer holidays just around the corner, it is easy to think life will be back to normal when we return to school and work. But, many companies and universities are expected reduced office hours and capacity, meaning we should expect to have some work-from-home component to our lives as students or employees.

In this episode, we discuss some different ways to stay motivated when working from home. We're all about finding and maintaining motivation and productivity through routines, time management techniques, variation and using technology to assist you.


For NMBU students and employees, we offer a Productivity Planner in the SWR100 Canvas room. For additional productivity planners and trackers, please visit:

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