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3. Showing Up Uncensored with Erica James-Staryhorn
Episode 32nd October 2019 • Authentic Wednesday Podcast • Bianca Hughes
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In this episode I am talking to Erica James-Strayhorn a marriage and family therapist. We discuss learning how to honour yourself at all times. She shares her love of personal growth. We touch on and the importance of taking responsibility for your choices by creating safe loving relationships. She also highlights functional self-care and the importance of recognizing what self-care incorporate into your everyday life.

Episode Highlights 

  • Creating accountability for your personal growth
  • Leaning into fear
  • Having friends who accept your authentic self
  • Creating new experiences in order to grow
  • Managing fear
  • Paying attention to how your body responds in different situations
  • Being open to difficult yet loving feedback

Special Guest: Erica James-Strayhorn


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