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Episode 48: How Valerie Bracchi Found True Love from Her True Father, and Serves Him Through a Real Estate "Ministry"
31st August 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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We've all heard the statement, "Make lemonade out of lemons," right?

Well today's guest is responsible for most of the lemons in her own life. After a lifetime of poor choices and pain, Valerie Bracchi finally chose the Lord and learned to make lemonade so that she could experience a refreshing breakthrough.

Despite a troubled past, Valerie is a super successful, God loving woman. She has over 15 years of real estate experience and is deeply passionate about relationships, negotiation and getting the job done.

She received her bachelors degree in psychology and business, which have all equipped her to be a sought after agent and negotiator in the north Dallas markets.

Valerie has such a big heart that she gives a percentage of her own commission from every closing to local ministries and charities. She likes to say her business is "real estate on a mission."

In this discussion, you'll learn...

-About Valerie's high school alcohol addiction...04:00

  • "I started as a way of surviving"

-The spiral that finally led to Valerie's sobriety...07:35

-What rock bottom actually looked like for Valerie...08:50

-How Valerie changed her environment and community to support her goals...10:00

-Valerie's advice on getting to know the Heavenly Father after being raised by an abusive father...12:10

  • "I had to go deeper with God and do a lot of work in that father/daughter relationship"
  • 12 step plus (12 step program PLUS the power of the Holy Spirit)

-How Valerie learned to surrender to God's word, even though she didn't know how...16:15

  • "We're transformed by the renewing of our minds"
  • Joyce Meyer
  • AA and Next Step
  • Jeremiah 21:11

-Valerie's 'why' and how connecting to this helped her break through...23:45

-How Valerie uses her real estate business as a platform for 'market place ministry'...26:45

-Valerie's #1 resource for when she's feeling overwhelmed...31:45

  • "The gifts and the call are irrevocable"

-Something most people don't know about Valerie...34:30

-Best advice for taking that first step toward healing...36:45

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