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Listener questions and AI explorers
Episode 3711th May 2023 • Digging Up Ancient Aliens • Fredrik Trusohamn
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This time the listener's questions and comments are in the spotlight! I have opened up the giant bag of electronic communications and will take some time to answer some of the questions and comments from you, the listener.

The questions ranged from dangers during excavations, melted stones, and Ancient Egyptian Wi-FI. I also have an update on a previous story we covered solving a claim's true origin.

In Digging up Ancient Aliens, our host Fredrik uses his background in archaeology to discover what is genuine, fake, and somewhere in between in popular media, such as Ancient Aliens, Ancient Apocalypse, and many other places.

In this episode:

Melted Stones in Peru 2:09

Egyptian Wi-Fi 5:25

How to approach Pseudoscience 18:55

Running from Bulls 23:19

Alfred Isaac Middleton - Solved! 27:00

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The intro music is Lily of the woods by Sandra Marteleur, and the outro is named “Folie hatt” by Trallskruv.