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S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 3 - Robert "Twixx" Taylor
Episode 319th January 2022 • S.T.A.R.V.E. TALK • J Haleem
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Episode Description: 

From as early as six years old, Robert “Twixx” Taylor knew he was born to be an entrepreneur. That’s how old he was when he started cutting hair. A career, unbeknownst to him at the time, that would last him 20 years. Being an entrepreneur and small business owner in North Las Vegas and seeing not only the discrepancies, but the disparities are what lead Twixx to run for Mayor of North Las Vegas. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Robert Taylor discusses his ideas and thoughts on commerce, his platform as mayor, and how the community of North Las Vegas has changed. 

Show Notes: 

1:00 - J Haleem Welcomes Twixx to the show

1:54 - Twixx speaks about his first business venture owning a barbershop. 

3:14 - J Haleem shares his experience of being a student at an HBCU and being discouraged  

          from pursuing entrepreneurship. 

4:20 - Twixx speaks on the importance of individuals having a trade while in the midst of the 


6:24 - Twixx speaks on the subject of entrepreneurship and his journey to being an 

entrepreneur, which began at 6 years old. Once he started making some money, his dad took away his lunch money. 

8:28 - What is the makeup of North Las Vegas? How many people currently reside in the city 

           and what cities are they coming from? 

9:16 - How has the community of NLV changed in the last 10 years? 

10:18  - Twixx speaks on what ultimately led to his decision to run for Mayor of North Las Vegas.

12:08 - When asked about commerce, Twixx speaks on the importance of small businesses

14:26 - Where has leadership failed in NLV? Twixx’s answer - visibility 

16:34 - Twixx believes in partnerships. One he will work to implement when he becomes mayor 

            is a mental health partnership. 

20:02 - Politics as usual? Not for TWIXX. Rather than focusing on the business, his platform is 

based on the people.

21:36 - J Haleem salutes Twixx for stepping out into politics 

22:01 - Twixx shares an encouraging word for people to support his mayoral run. 

24:00 - J Haleem encourages his audience to financially support the campaign. 

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