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Introducing: Non Human Biologics, an X-Files Podcast
13th November 2023 • Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast • Jeremy Greer
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Hello! We have launched a new podcast, and it is called Non Human Biologics. Every week we're going to be covering an episode of The X-Files! Finally, we get to talk about hunks traveling across the country searching for tales of the supernatural and paranormal and downright weird. Hey, that sounds like our kind of thing!

This episode is the trailer, and you can find links to the new show via this Linktree link, or by searching for the show on your favorite podcast service. The first episode is out on Thursday, November 16th, and new episodes will be published every Thursday afterwards, until 2045 or so.

Enjoy the new theme, created by our friends bansheebeat and Heather Milette, and if you have the time, please check out the new video we created for it. Who knew an X-Files themed cover of Time After Time would be such a BOP?!