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021 – The importance of a solid brief with Matt Lasky
Episode 2121st February 2024 • The WP SEO Show – Demystifying SEO for WordPress Websites • SEOHive
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This show sees our first ever guest to The WP SEO Show - Matt Lasky. 

Pete and Matt discuss the importance of a well-structured web design brief for both clients and agencies. Matt, drawing from his career experience and his book "How to Take a Web Design Brief," emphasizes how a solid brief underpins successful project outcomes, effective communication, and ultimately, client satisfaction.

Main talking points include:

  • The transformative effect of clear communication and understanding client goals.
  • The role of a comprehensive brief in guiding project direction and fostering creative solutions.
  • Strategies for agencies to navigate client feedback and maintain a collaborative relationship.
  • The significance of aligning project objectives with user needs to improve conversion rates and achieve client objectives.

This discussion highlights how a detailed, thoughtful brief is not just administrative paperwork but a foundational tool for project success and client-agency collaboration.





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