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Sophie Pender – The Advantage of Being From 'Good Stock'
Episode 4514th December 2021 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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Trying to Package Privilege

This podcast episode features Elevate President John Croft talking with the CEO and founder of the 93% Club, Herbert Smith Freehills' associate, Sophie Pender. Sophie describes her background, education experience and the work of the 93% Club to clear a path for legal professionals from non-traditional socio-economic backgrounds.

[00:43] A person's socio-economic background isn't immediately noticeable when you meet them.

[06:27] The 93% Club is a nationwide student charity in the UK that supports state school students at university. Apply named, 93% of the UK population is educated at state schools.

[08:05] For people from lower socio-economic backgrounds, realising people judge others based on their financial circumstances or upbringing is a shock.

[10:04] In 2020, we went from having two 93% Club societies, Bristol and Durham, to just under 50 nationwide. It's now a fully established charity.

[14:15] We're trying to have a conversation about this topic. We need to stop looking at people and valuing them based on their upbringing or how much money they have in the bank.

[15:42] We're not going to change things overnight. While that happens, we want to equip students with the necessary skills to get top employer roles.

[17:12] We work with big corporates with lots of resources and a real drought when it comes to diverse talent to put on skills sessions.


[18:16] We help our members make connections to further mentorship into sponsorship, but that's not all…

[23:06] Have the life experience conversation. It can be uncomfortable, but it is important.