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Sex and Sarrah Rose - Sarrah Rose EPISODE 32, 19th July 2020
Episode 32: Natural Highs with Ronja Sebastian
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Episode 32: Natural Highs with Ronja Sebastian

Episode 32: Natural Highs with Ronja Sebastian

Are you looking for happiness, or rather seeking the experience of being fully alive? Today, Sarrah is joined by Ronja Sebastian, a speaker, international event leader, and catalyst into limitless living, as they discuss how you can awaken the real you, and know who you are. Ronja explains why there is a lot of tension on a women's pussy and how this can prevent them from opening up sexually. Tune in now to learn how to allow a woman to open up and get her to a natural high.

“Presence is that key that opens the portal to both, her heart, and her love, and her sex, and everything.”

  • Ronja Sebastian

In This Episode:

- Why Ronja was angry with men and how it inspired her to be an event leader

- Why Ronja believes presence is even more precious than time

- How to break through a womens barriers and really connect with her

- Speaking to your partner is so important in all aspects

- And so much more!


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