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E142 - Cutting Through the Noise: How the Right Mission Will Get Your Startup Off the Ground | with Grant Aldrich
Episode 1426th July 2021 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Grant Aldrich is the founder of, where he and his teamwork to make college more affordable and accessible. Grant says part of what has made Online Degree so successful is the fact that they have a strong mission, which is what his One Big Tip is all about. 

Grant says one of the most important parts of attracting the right people--both the people you work with and the people you sell to--is having a unique mission with which they can resonate and connect. 

In this episode, Grant and I discuss what it means to be a mission-driven business; what makes a great mission; and all the benefits you’ll reap when you choose the right one, from a deeper connection with customers to loyal employees. Listen on to learn how to get your business heard over all the other noise of your industry. 

In this episode: 

  • [1:39] Grant tells us about his background and the mission of Online Degree. 
  • [3:28] Grant’s One Big Tip for success is to be mission-driven. He discusses the importance and benefits of having a legitimate mission that people feel a connection to. 
  • [6:09] Grant and I discuss some examples of companies with great missions, including Patreon. 
  • [10:10] Grant says a great, unique mission will attract the right people and create profit. 
  • [12:20] The power of a great mission is no joke - Grant says he felt Online Degree’s mission being validated from day one. 
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