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Hard Decisions & Applying Your Word of the Year -33
Episode 3331st January 2023 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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Have you been weighing hard decisions lately? This is often a time of year when we are looking ahead- planning and prioritizing. Wrapped in the cold of winter, we are preparing for the coming seasons and determining what we want to get accomplished.

In this episode, we'll look at some great tools to help with hard decisions and with some things that may weigh us down or overfill our plates. We'll also chat a little more about our words of the year and how they can be a tool for helping us determine what's most important.

 Have you decided on your word of the year yet? If not, head over to (or find it on your favorite podcast streaming app)- go to episode 28 to get some valuable examples that may be helpful in figuring it out.

You can also visit our IG profile: @The.Grit.Show and check out a reel from the 3rd week of January.

This week is a solo episode that I kept just under 30 min., so you'll still have time to check out the trailer for  The Fire Inside Her - that is launching next week on the Authentic Connections Podcast Network.

I'm excited about the amazing individuals I get to work with and walk alongside as they make their podcasting dreams a reality! Learn more on Instagram @37by27

A little about me-

Shawna Rodrigues is an entrepreneur, podcaster, internationally best-selling author, and consultant. She spent the first two decades of her career supporting families and communities and being honored by Boston University for her “Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Social Work.” She found the synergy of her passion for change and creativity in podcasting. She is the host of The Grit Show; a podcast for warriors, givers, and doers with a focus on self-care and growth; and a new podcast Author Express that allows you to get to know the writer behind the pages in an express format. After learning the abysmal fact that only 27% of podcast hosts are women, she launched the Authentic Connections Network which takes the tech and stress out of podcasting. Authentic Connections has an audacious goal of 37 by 27—increasing the number of women hosting podcasts by at least 10% in the next 5 yrs. Shawna’s the city girl-next-door who loves to travel and is a connoisseur of apple cider doughnuts.

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