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Football Is Family - Sports History Network EPISODE 10, 12th November 2020
The NFL From A Different Perspective
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The NFL From A Different Perspective

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A few years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Scotland for a mission trip. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland: that’s where the McFarlin (Macfarlane) clan comes from, that’s where Nessie lives (I went to the Loch Ness, but didn’t see anything), and that’s where the best accent is found.

Along with all these things, I got to talk to some great people. I got to learn about a whole different world, and see people live different lives than I do here in Tennessee. Over all, it is an experience that I will never forget.

 But there are some similarities between people in Scotland and us in America. Coke is big there. Pizza exists. And the NFL is well known. People in Scotland know who the Packers, Cowboys, and Raiders are. There are people there who own Lions and Patriots jerseys. It is not a surprise to see Dolphins and Jaguars hats. The NFL has crossed the Pond and made its way to the Highland of Scotland.

 In today’s episode of Football is Family, I talk to a good friend of mine (Graham) about his NFL experiences. You’ll hear about how he became a fan of the NFL, what he does for the Super Bowl, and you will also hear about the disagreement that Graham and I have over our favorite teams (this episode was recorded after the Titans defeated his Bills on a Monday night).

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Football Is Family is all about the love fans have for their teams.

Do you bleed your favorite football team’s colors each weekend? Does the difference of a W or L in the box score dictate how you respond for the rest of the week? Or do most of your conversations with your family and friends revolve around your favorite football team?

If you answered yes to any (or maybe all) of these questions, then you are in the right place. The host of this podcast truly believes that “Football Is Family” and he is on a mission to share the stories of other fans out there sharing how they have been touched by the greatest sport on Earth. Listen below to the trailer and learn more about the host and show. is L

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