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Supply Chain Now - Supply Chain Now 14th November 2020
One-on-One Interview with FCA Customs Leader, Steve Britt
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One-on-One Interview with FCA Customs Leader, Steve Britt

In this episode of Supply Chain Now, Scott Luton sits down with Steve Britt and welcomes him to the podcast.

Steve Britt has worked in numerous roles within Supply Chain and Manufacturing functions in the Automotive and Alternative Energy industries. His specialty is in International Trade and Logistics, driving the strategic use of trade programs to drive value to the supply chain by reducing costs, mitigating risks, and maximizing refund opportunities. He is a Licensed US Customs Broker who holds an MBA, as well as a B.S. in Economics and B.A. in Communications from Oakland University. In addition, Steve currently teaches a course on Customs Compliance & Risk Management at Wayne State University.

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