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219: What Thriving Entrepreneurs are Doing Differently From Those Who are Burning Out
17th November 2022 • Profit by Design • Dr. Sabrina Starling
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What are you doing NOW to set yourself up for success in 2023? Imagine yourself one year from now in the same place, facing the same struggles and feelings of burnout. Wouldn’t that feel awful? I want to help make sure that does NOT happen to you. I want to show you strategies and steps you can take right now to set yourself up to be a thriving entrepreneur in 2023!

It’s time to take an honest look at where you are and where you want to be in 2023. What steps do you need to take, and what support do you need to get to that thriving place? I’ve done the research, and I have answers to help! Our Better Business Better Life assessment has shown that 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs are experiencing symptoms of burnout. Wouldn’t you rather be part of the 1% who are thriving? Let me walk you through what you can do differently. 

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Show Highlights:

  • How our Better Business Better Life Program creates a customized action plan to partner with you for success with proven strategies and accountability (Visit our Website and click the “Schedule a Call” link at the top of the home page.)
  • What the 1% of entrepreneurs who are thriving are doing differently in their businesses:
  • They are taking intentional actions that move them toward their vision, like taking time to unplug from the business. 
  • They are achieving 3x more revenue than those who are struggling. 
  • They are willing to invest monetarily in themselves, their businesses, and their teams. 
  • They have almost double the number of systems in place in their businesses compared to those who are burning out. Make sure you have these four key systems in place!
  • 1. Have a system in place, like the Tap the Potential Solution, to allow the business to grow without you, the owner, working longer hours.
  • 2. Have a system in place to engage with high-quality clients and avoid poor, distracting ones. 
  • 3. Have a system in place to ensure that every team member exhibits high enthusiasm for their role and its impact on the business.
  • 4. Have a system in place to engage in regular team development activities. 
  • Are you willing to be an entrepreneur who takes steps to move forward and thrive?


Links and Resources:

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Learn more about the next How to Hire the Best course. You can register now for the final session to be offered in 2022.

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