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Commerce Enablement: Which Tools Create the Best Overall Customer Experience - with Derric Haynie, CEO and Co-Founder of EcommerceTech
Episode 416th March 2023 • The Conversion Show • Erik Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Justuno
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Derric Haynie, CEO and Co-Founder of EcommerceTech is THE person to go to for tech stack advice. You'll see why after just a few minutes of this conversation! Derric and Erik discuss all aspects of Commerce Enablement, what's hot right now in E-commerce technology, and what to think about when optimizing your tech stack for the optimal customer experience - from first impression to loyalty.

In this episode, Derric and Erik talk through:

  • How E-Commerce merchants can evaluate and select the best e-commerce tech stack for their brand and goals
  • The pillars of your MarTech stack
  • Email & SMS are a must for all ecomm brands
  • How best to leverage customer reviews
  • Improving the return experience
  • Examples of ecommerce brands doing customer experience right

Host: Erik Christiansen -

Guest: Derric Haynie -





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