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What's Up With Those Ed-SPLOST Pennies?
Episode 2218th January 2023 • The Inside Scoop • Cobb County School District
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Guest: Nick Parker, Senior Executive Director of Ed-SPLOST / Planning

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  • [00:39] Ed-SPLOST Defined in Cobb Schools
  • [01:09] Referendum Timing vs Projects Start
  • [02:24] Cobb Schools is Not the Cobb County Government
  • [03:03] Current Major Projects
  • [05:41] Why Projects Don't Start Right Away
  • [07:05] Benefits of the Short-term Note
  • [08:34] How Projects are Prioritized
  • [11:17] Major Projects on the Horizon
  • [16:22] Staying In-touch with Your Projects

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