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Prayer 2021 - October 4 - Don't Con God pt 2
Episode 2754th October 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

Luke 9:29

“As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning.”

Don’t Con God pt 2

Yesterday, I introduced the topic of you need to stop trying to “con God” into giving you stuff, being at your beck and call like some kind of servant.  “Give me this and give me that” type of prayers. 

He IS NOT your servant!  You are HIS servant!  Get it? Do you understand that?

He will give you whatever you need to complete your assignment in SERVING HIM!  But He also knows exactly what resources you need to complete your assignment. So don’t try to “con Him” into giving you something you do not need.

In the military, a commander may assign a mission that needs to be accomplished to achieve the overall unit mission. If he says, “Take that hill” and sends you on your way – you will fail. Miserably. You will probably die in the process.

But, if he says, “Take that hill, just tell me what you need” – then you will receive the resources you will need to accomplish the mission.

If you come back and tell him you need a division of tanks with full artillery and air support, he will probably look at you like you’re a fool. Amen!  My military folks out there are saying “Amen!”  Amen?

So don’t go to God telling Him you need $10 million dollars so you can support a mission work in Africa!  If God told you to do something, HE will provide you the resources TO DO IT!  If it only requires you send $100 per month to that African orphanage, then that is all the extra resources you will receive.

At the same time, if you only are sending $50 per month, and God is providing you the $100, you are in disobedience. Which means you are sinning. It also means you are mishandling God’s resources. Which means He can’t trust you.

But, if you are sending the $100 God provides you, then you are doing His Will. And God respects that. This shows He can trust you.

And if you ADD, say an extra $50 or $100 to whatever it is God has provided you – as an “over and above offering,” you truly will have His attention!  Because it means you are trusting in His work and want to be a blessing also!

This will result in you being BLESSED even more, because now, God sees that YOU are following His ways. You are following His laws of seed, time and harvest. He sees He can trust you to handle whatever He gives to you wisely. Amen!

This will almost ALWAYS result in God sending additional resources your way. It may be your church decides to sow an offering into your work in the African orphanage. Now, instead of $100, instead of the $150 you were sowing or whatever – you are now able to sow $500 a month into that work.

Do you see how this works?  Get off your “high horse” and stop trying to “con God” into GIVING you more!  All you have to do is to DO MORE with what He has already provided! Amen!

Let’s Pray!

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