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The Lots with Jake Green & Mo Olufemi
Episode 103rd May 2021 • The Strology Show • The Strology
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Kirah is joined by Mo Olufemi & Jake Green to talk about The Lots. They discuss into several advanced astrology techniques using the Lots. Including deep dives into the Lots of Fortune, Eros, Spirit, Nemesis & more.

Learn more about Kirah, Jake and Mo below.

Jake Green is a queer, consulting astrologer from NC, and is currently serving as Treasurer for the Association for Young Astrologers (AYA). He studies and practices traditional forms of astrology and specializes in the Hellenistic Lots/Arabic Parts. Through his work he hopes to restore the technique of casting Lots to its past level of prominence. He began studying astrology in 2018 after his curiosity was sparked by a meme mentioning moon signs. Now you can find him on twitter following the moon's transits with memes of his own.

As an HBCU alumni he studied social work and psychology under the tutelage of Black women which informs his views on systemic issues and social inequality. His ethical principles are guided by the social work values of service, social justice, integrity, and competence. Jake was also the grant writer for a local non-profit and has years of experience in fundraising, extensive knowledge of non-profit organizations, and a passion for social good.

Twitter: @oracularjake

Instagram: @oracularjake

Mo Olufemi - I am a "traditional astrologer" with a focus on Hellenistic and Medieval/Perso-Arabic astrology. I have been practicing seriously for 3 years and learning astrology for much longer. I also do tarot as well, really keying into Golden Dawn associations with Astrology and how this can allow the two subjects to come together really well. Currently, I live in Toronto to pursue graduate studies in a STEM field, and I am looking to build more of a community around traditional astro here in Canada, back home in the US, and abroad!

Twitter: @austral-taur

Twitter: @fixedastropod

I will be in the inaugural episode of the Mutable Minds podcast hosted by Blaze (@astrobymax)! It should be one worth watching since it provides a good framework for how I approach astrology and the kinds of techniques that I use.

Kirah Tabourn is an astrologer, author, and educator passionate about increasing intersectionality and accessibility within the astrology community. She is the founder of NFLUX, an astrology & culture magazine that centers and celebrates POC & queer folks in spirituality, art, and activism. She hosts a virtual community called The Eleventh House for students and lovers of astrology to connect and launched her first course, The Strology Fundamentals. Kirah is also the Director of Fresh Voices in Astrology, a platform that spotlights emerging astrologers in the field. She will be speaking at NORWAC 2021, and her first book, Zodiac Signs: Pisces was released in February 2020.

@thestrology on Instagram

@thestrology_on Twitter

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Here's the link to my Youtube page where you can watch the video version of this interview.


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