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14. We Need Dreamers Who Get Shit Done, with Wolf Starr
Episode 149th March 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Wolf Starr is focused on connecting resources to meet needs within the entrepreneurial community. His goal is to create opportunities and relationships for organizations our community feels passionate about.

One theme that has always been true for Wolf’s life is a drive to improve the community that he lives in and provide opportunities for others. He has taken all of the experiences from his life — from the neighborhood he grew up in to the observations he made around local businesses — and used them to build up that community for a new generation.

What Brett asks:

  • [05:12] What influence did growing up in the Short North neighborhood have on you?
  • [07:35] What was the role of your parents in your life?
  • [14:56] How did you take your life experience and use it as you grew up?
  • [19:01] Did the idea of growing up around a lot of adults influence you?
  • [21:50] How did you get involved in politics?
  • [28:52] What was your thinking behind starting your business?
  • [32:25] What life experience led to the Independents’ Day Festival?
  • [39:03] Can you talk about the decision to not move forward with the festival?
  • [41:11] What are you currently working on?

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