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The Zon Cast - Willesborough Baptist Church EPISODE 4, 2nd June 2020
04. Universal issues (Part 2)... Romans 1:18-32 with Phil Fellows
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04. Universal issues (Part 2)... Romans 1:18-32 with Phil Fellows

Part 2 of our interview with Phil Fellows. In Part 1 Phil helped us understand how to read Paul better and challenging passages of scripture as we sought to understand the wrath of God and why it is an important Biblical concept. In this episode we examine verses 26 and 27 and seek to understand what faithful sexuality looks like from a Biblical perspective.

It is worth noting that sexuality is not the focus of Romans 1, but it is used by Paul as an example of how humanity has fallen short of the glory of God alongside many other aspects of our lives. The context for this is laid out in the previous episode and is important to understand first. We strongly urge listeners to listen to part 1 ahead of this episode.

If you find this episode raises pastoral issues for you personally, please speak to a trusted Christian leader or friend and know you are not alone.

Phil is pastor of Hersham Baptist Church and his blog, 'Living God' can be accessed at: https://philipfellows.wordpress.com

Some of the resources mentioned on the show are listed below: