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Spiritual Shifts: When New Beliefs Challenge Friendships
12th February 2024 • All Things Human with Adele Wang • Adele Wang
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In this heart-wrenching yet insightful episode, I describe the deeply personal story of a listener who finds herself grappling with the pain and confusion of losing a friend—not to distance or time, but to a radical transformation in spiritual beliefs. Once inseparable with her friend, the writer now finds herself on opposite sides of a widening chasm, created by her friend's dive into spiritual zealotry that has left the writer feeling abandoned, misunderstood, and mourning the person they once knew.

I'll unpack the complex emotions of feeling alienated by a friend's new spiritual path, the sense of betrayal that comes with it, and the profound grief of watching someone you love become someone you no longer recognize. It's a painful question: Can this friendship be saved? Should it be? How do you cope with the loss of a friend to beliefs that feel like they've taken them away from you?

I'll offer some perspectives on what I've seen in my practice, as I've been on both sides of this journey. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who's ever looked at a friend and felt the sting of unfamiliarity, offering not just solace but also a way forward.



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