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8 Dimensions of Self Care with Dr. Tiffany Jenkins
27th May 2022 • LaQuita’s Toolbox • LaQuita Monley
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In this episode Dr. Jenkins and I are having a blast discussing the 8 dimensions of Self-care and how we need to include them into every aspect of our lives

Sitting and enjoying a meal in the company of friends is your social self care, eating a better quality of food is your physical self care, right?

 Even being in an environment that is uplifting, is environmental, self care, but you've also got spiritual self care, because spiritual self care is not just about your personal religious practice, it's about your space in the bigger universe, and how you connect with the world around you. 

Like there's just this whole vibe, that when you leave, you genuinely leave feeling better.

The company you're keeping is actually nourishing the environment, the aesthetics of the place, the pub or the marketplace where you're going to eat is aesthetically pleasing. Like, it's self care is literally woven into every piece of life there.

Unfortunately, that's something that not a lot of Americans get to experience. And when I say things like, okay, but you can create that for yourself. People look at me like I got six. heads it's like, yeah, no, I can't. No, yes. You can.

 You have to set a boundary. It starts with you saying, No, I'm not going to do all of this. 

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