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28th September 2021 • Community Powered Marketing • Sue Frech
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Marketing is often about seeing opportunities and acting on them. However, for every opportunity that's been successfully acted upon, there are countless more that were missed.

In this first episode of "Community Powered Marketing," your host, Sue Frech, provides a sneak peek at the kind of information and advice you can expect from the podcast. 

You'll learn about her early career with an event marketing company, and how the traditional model of handing out endless samples at large events never created the kind of authentic connection that audiences want.

You'll discover how Facebook turned the entire digital marketing on its head in 2013, suppressing branded content and charging those brands to access the audiences they had built through the platform.

You'll learn how this shift created a powerful opportunity for Sue's own company, Vesta's, helping brands take back their relationships with the customers - leveraging the power of community.

You'll also find out what you can expect from upcoming episodes of the podcast, including interviews with marketers who are inspiring customers to become authentic influencers, empathy-driven storytelling and, of course, the power of data.

Join Sue as she guides you through a new way to look at digital marketing: creating a branded community!


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • A little about her early career with an event marketing company, and the lessons she learned from observing missed opportunities.
  • How Facebook changed the entire marketing game in 2013, primarily by suppressing branded content and charging brands to access the massive audiences built through the platform.
  • The opportunities that arose for her own business, Vesta's, from that seismic shift in the digital marketing model.
  • Why Sue created the podcast and what you can expect to find in upcoming episodes.
  • And so much more...