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Saturn Transit In Pisces | Ayurvedic Astrology For Mental Health
Episode 1524th March 2023 • Spartan Mind Strength • Vie Binga & Tim Ganley
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Episode Topics

  • Saturn transit in Pisces, Tuesday March 7 2023
  • Saturn transit in Pisces about an hour after the Full Moon
  • Saturn, the Sun, Neptune and Mercury are in Pisces
  • The Moon is in opposition with the Sun and in Virgo
  • Saturn is about discipline and time
  • Ayurvedically, Pisces is a water mutable, full of emotions and the Vata bioenergy
  • Pisces can represent intuition and inspiration but it can also represent illusions
  • Neptune represents the principle of personal beliefs and is the ruler of Pisces
  • Ayurvedically, Saturn in Pisces requires us to build based on our beliefs while following our intuition and inspiration
  • Saturn is forming a harmonious aspect (sextile) with Uranus
  • Uranus represents the principle of radical change
  • Mars is forming square aspects (challenges) with the Sun and the Moon
  • Mars represents the way we act
  • Black Moon (Lilith) is forming square aspects (challenges) with the South Lunar Node and the North Lunar Node
  • The Black Moon symbolizes our strongest fears
  • The South Lunar Node symbolizes what we have been too comfortable with for too long
  • The North Lunar Node symbolizes where we should be heading towards in order to become mentally stronger
  • The Lunar Nodes in Jyotish are known as Rahu and Ketu, the head and tail of a snake
  • The Black Moon (Lilith) is forming an inconjunct aspect with Mercury in Pisces
  • Mercury represents the stories we tell to ourselves
  • The inconjunct aspect denotes hesitation of action, and hesitation between choosing the easy way vs the hard way
  • Our strong repetitive tendencies are called samskaras in the Vedic philosophy
  • According to the Vedic philosophy, our samskaras keep us trapped in an infinite loop, the wheel of samsara
  • Ayurvedically, this transit of Saturn into Pisces requires us to sit with ourselves, reevaluate our fears, our dreams and our belief system, change what needs to be changed, decide on what to build, and get to work, regardless of not knowing whether what we are doing will prove fruitful or not
  • We practice Ayurvedic Astrology based on the ABLAS method of calculations
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  • May we all be well, adapt and thrive! -Tim and Vie

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May we all be well, adapt and thrive! - Tim and Vie


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