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53. The Danger of Progress & Reactive Romanticism
Episode 5327th November 2022 • Becoming Human • Tyler Kleeberger
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Two Views of Time, the Problem of Fads, & Constructive Change

The final episode in the series exploring the ideas of roots, growth, tradition, progress, conservativism, & liberalism.

Extrinsic motivation and ulterior motives are not constructive means of change. The danger of progress occurs when it is purely based on the elusive hope of the future that the unknown possibility will be better than the known; especially if it is explicitly trying to avoid what is known even though the unknown has no data.

This leads to a sociological view of time called a diminishing view of time. Instead, we should consider a progressive view of time that uses the patience of the long game and memory that reflects the reality of human perception to use the past to build the future.