Yes, You Deserve to Live Whatever Life You Truly Want
Episode 9022nd June 2022 • To Succeed... Just Let Go • Willie Horton
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This episode covers the whole scope of your life up to right now - from even before you were born.

We explore how, when we use our minds normally, we are bounded by misconceptions about what is and isn't "realistic"; how we grew up with the mistaken notion that we might be undeserving and, most importantly, how we can divest ourselves of those imaginary shackles and start tuning ourselves into the world as it really is, you as you really are and... creating the life that you would love to live.

Along the way, we touch on topics that include (obviously) psychology and neuroscience - but this week's episode ventures into parenting, religion, education and a world of norms and conformity (not the real world!!).

So, buckle up and get ready to sit yourself down at, as I say right at the end of this episode, life's great banquet.