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The Rise of Manufacturing: Legacy, Growth, and Workforce Development with David Klotz
Episode 2425th March 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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In this episode, you'll meet David Klotz, the president of the Precision Metal Forming Association (PMA). David brings a wealth of experience in manufacturing, sales, and leadership, making him a valuable voice in the industry. Join us as we explore David's background, manufacturing journey, and impactful work with PMA.

Key Themes:

1. Family Background and Early Exposure to Manufacturing: David Klotz shared how his family's involvement in manufacturing, starting with his father's tool and die company, led to his early exposure to the industry. From working at the family business during high school to engaging in various roles within the company, Klotz gained invaluable experience from a young age.

2. Transition to Software Sales and Role at PMA: After the family business was sold in 2006, Klotz ventured into software sales and later took on the role of President at the Precision Metal Forming Association (PMA). He discussed his journey and how his professional experiences have shaped his understanding of sales and leadership in the manufacturing sector.

3. The Value of Membership Associations: Klotz emphasized the significance of being involved with industry associations and the value it brings to companies and individuals. He particularly highlighted the unique culture at PMA, where members support and learn from each other, distinguishing it from other association models.

4. Developing Future Leaders in Manufacturing: Klotz talked about initiatives to strengthen the next generation of leaders in manufacturing within PMA. He discussed the success and impact of the Management Development Academy (MDA) and shared how younger members are increasingly becoming involved with PMA's districts and leadership groups.

5. The Importance of Personalized Connection: Klotz emphasized the importance of personally engaging with members and its positive impact on creating a strong, supportive manufacturing community. He shared anecdotes from his plant visits, showcasing the enthusiasm and pride of members in showcasing their operations.

Lessons Learned:

- Early exposure to a family business can instill valuable experience and passion for an industry.

- Transitioning roles within a career can bring new insights and contribute to professional growth.

- Association membership can create a unique, supportive environment for industry professionals to learn and grow together.

- Investing in developing future leaders and engaging with them creates a strong foundation for industry growth and continuity.

Fun Facts:

- Klotz's early exposure to the family business involved various tasks, from working in the tool and die area to sweeping floors and painting.

- There is a "301 Club" within PMA, named after the experience of several members achieving a perfect bowling score or getting a hole-in-one in golf, showcasing the camaraderie and unique connections within the organization.