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Dr. Elena Villanueva: Brain Health Specialist
18th February 2021 • From Doctor To Patient • Dr Diva Nagula
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Dr. Elena Villanueva is an internationally recognized crusader for ending the global chronic illness & mental health crisis by educating both the public and health professionals that mental health & other chronic illnesses are actually a body or brain health issue and not a disease. Dr V has been featured in multiple occasions on FOX news, MSN, Healthline, Houston Chronicle, Anxiety and Depression Secrets Docu-Series, and several other documentaries.

Dr. Villanueva teaches on stages around the globe on evidence based approaches for finding the underlying causes of chronic illness and brain related diseases and conditions and how to use holistic approaches like genetic based nutritional and amino acid therapy, botanicals, and other natural options to restore brain-related disorders and other chronic diseases.

3:51 Dr. V's own journeys through illness that led her to work with brain imbalances.

10:15 At which point should someone consider coming to Dr. V's practice?

14:17 A pattern of symptoms that Dr. V notices among most of her new patients that come to her.

17:46 The Balanced Brain-Body Restoration Mastery Program and Dr. V's novel approach to care and the doctor-patient relationship.

22:09 Giving newfound hope to people who have "tried everything," through education and focused care.

25:43 Understanding leaky brain, and its connection with leaky gut.

32:30 What genetics can tell us about how to treat each patient's imbalances, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

37:33 Some incredible success stories in Dr. V's practice.

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