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Emily Xie
Episode 1115th May 2024 • Art Talks • HOFA
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EP 11 - Emily is a digital artist whose work with code and computation draws inspiration from physical media such as textiles, collage, and wallpaper. Her work is internationally renowned with exhibits at the Singapore Art Science Museum, Times Square, and HOFA's recent New Beginnings show, amongst many others.

We discuss Emily’s journey from software engineer to renowned digital artist, deeply influenced by her Chinese heritage. Emily also shares insights into her creative process, blending AI with generative art to evoke organic and emotive outputs. 

We also discuss the evolving relationship between digital and traditional art forms,  and the future of art in the digital era.


00:00 Art Talks with Emily Xie

00:46 From Software Engineer to Digital Artist

02:55 The Creative Process Behind 'Spiral Forms'

07:50 Future Projects and Physical Art Exploration

09:08 The Impact of Digital and AI Art on Society

11:30 Coexistence of Traditional and Digital Art Forms

15:52 Advice for Aspiring Artists in the Digital Era

17:36 Spotlight on Influential Artists in the Digital Space

20:50 Concluding Thoughts and Future Outlook

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