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5 Month Old Sleep Schedule
Episode 2202nd November 2023 • Little Z's Sleep Podcast • Becca Campbell
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We hear about 4 month olds because of the 4 month sleep regression. And then we jump to 6-8 month olds as they move to a 2-nap schedule. But what about the 5 month olds?! 

I am so passionate about this age because this is an ideal time for you to develop good sleep habits for your baby!! 

So if you’re holding a 5 month old or you’re about to hit the 5 month mark, you will want to head over and listen to this episode!! I take a bit of a deep dive into what 5 month olds are like, what their sleep schedule can be, when you’ll feed baby as naps start spreading out and your routine changes, and so much more!

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