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Should Whippets wear clothes with Debbie Humphreys from Redhound for Dogs
9th February 2023 • The Paw Post Podcast • Rachel Spencer
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In this chat I'm joined by Debbi Humphreys from Redhound for Dogs talking about whether Whippets should wear clothes.

Just because our hairy companions are covered in fur doesn’t mean they’re immune from the effects of the changing seasons.

Particularly in our miserable winters, so that’s why I wanted to speak to Whippet mum and Whippet wear guru Debbie Humphreys from Redhound for Dogs. 

Debbie started making clothes for her first Whippet Bruno back in 2003 as he was always shivering, and she vowed to do all she could to keep him warm.

Then, she realised other Whippet owners wanted to do the same for their dogs, so turned her personal mission into a thriving business.

Whether you’ve got a Whippet of your own or are considering bringing one home, this interview is a must and don’t forget to join in National Whippet Day on February 19th.

Key topics and timings in this chat:

0.02 - Debbie’s background and how she came to be a Whippet Designer.

2.13 - National Whippet Day is coming up on February 19th

4.40 - Does your Whippet need to wear a jumper?

7.00 - What kind of clothes would you suggest for a whippet?

9.35- The importance of having a light in the dark.

12.10 - What kind of things do Whippet puppy owners need?

14.03 - What do you need to invest in for your puppy?

16:14 - The importance of choosing a colour palette and sticking with it.

18.27 - What to wear for senior Whippets when they get stiff.

20.56 - What to do if you can't make a decision.

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