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Engaging with Teens in the Museum
Episode 8326th January 2023 • The Art Engager • Claire Bown
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What words come to mind when you hear the word ‘teenager’? Or the word ‘adolescence’?

Do you love working with teens or feel a little apprehensive? 

I’ve recently been facilitating some team trainings in museums about how to engage with teenagers and so I’ve been thinking a lot about the best ways to work with teens. It's also a subject I get asked about a lot. 

Here are some tips and ideas for better ways to engage with teenagers in the museum on your guided tours and programmes.

I'm exploring:

  • Why our thoughts shape our attitude towards teens
  • Seeing teenage behaviour through a developmental lens
  • Positive reasons for working with teens
  • Creating an inclusive, warm and friendly atmosphere
  • The importance of shared ownership
  • The role of open-ended questions and careful listening
  • Reading the group and avoiding false clues
  • Why less is more
  • And why teens like to discuss themes of global significance


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