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Chinese—Don't tell me that you don't know what a "twinkie" means (Connie So, Ep 12)
Episode 1224th January 2023 • Healthcare for Humans • Kumara Raja Sundar
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Dr. Connie So joins us today to talk about the history of the Chinese American history.  Dr. Connie So, an immigrant from Hong Kong, grew up in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood.  She has taught at UC Berkeley, UC Davis and Princeton University and the University of Washington.  Since 1992, she has taught at the University of Washington’s American Ethnic Studies Department where she is a Professor of Teaching and the Supervisor of the Department’s Community Practicum and Internship.  She is active with the Seattle Asian Pacific American community and currently serving as the President of OCA (formerly the Organization of Chinese Americans) – Greater Seattle

In this conversation, you will  

  • Identify where most Chinese Americans are from (ie. what part of China)
  • List the reasons why the Chinese community immigrated to the US
  • Explain how the model minority is problematic for Chinese Americans and the ways US discriminated through policies and laws against the Chinese Americans
  • Define what acculturation means for the Chinese community
  • Hear how traditional medicine can heal better than western medicine at times

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