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Am I Doing Enough to Lose Weight?
Episode 1116th March 2017 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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My bet is this question runs though your head a few (million) times a week. "Am I doing enough to lose weight?" We all ask ourselves if we're eating the right things, fasting enough, working out enough, doing cardio enough. Whatever it is that you're doing to lose weight, you can wonder if it's enough. Especially when the scale doesn't move. This question, "Am I doing enough?" and the answer, "I don't know," are motivational killers. They put you into a state of confusion about what your body really needs, and then you fear that what you're doing will never be enough to lose weight - not by summer at least. There's a way to both stop giving yourself a hard time about what's working and to know if you're doing enough - or what to tweak. In this episode, you will learn- -How to tap into the definitive answer to "Am I doing enough," and know if you need to change your plan. -The three steps you must master if you want to connect with your body and know what it really needs. -The biggest reason that we get confused about what's necessary to lose weight and heal our body. At the end of the episode, I give you a super simple practice to train your brain out of confusion and into decision mode.  You'll bypass the biggest reason we get so confused about doing enough so you can jumpstart your weight loss again.




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