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Life Through a Dram - Danny Brown EPISODE 19, 16th March 2019
Mental Health, Juve Systems, and MeToo with Josh Currivan

Mental Health, Juve Systems, and MeToo with Josh Currivan

In episode 19 of Life Through a Dram, I chat with Josh Currivan on his and his family's journey with depression, anxiety, and ADHD, as well as how he managed to escape the youth juvenile system, and the importance of supporting victims and offering a safe space to talk and be heard.

Topics on the menu include:

  • Josh's realization that he needed to get help, and how his diagnosis of anxiety and ADHD made a change in his approach to life
  • How that realization and diagnosis impacted the dynamics within his family
  • His teenage years, and time spent in juvenile detention and his early experiments with drugs and alcohol
  • How meeting his wife and having their first child at a young age set him on a path to recovery
  • Why we need to listen more to Millennials as opposed to just sweeping their thoughts under the carpet
  • The importance of stepping up and supporting victims, and letting them know they have a safe place and a voice that will support them
  • Raising daughters in a #MeToo age where white male privilege remains an issue when it comes to sexual assault

Settle back for a highly insightful and inspiring conversation with Josh as he holds nothing back, and shares his point of view honestly and openly.

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